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Shaw Moisture Meters the United Kingdom

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Shaw Moisture Meters the United Kingdom

Shaw Moisture Meters the United Kingdom Technical Parameter:
1.Brand Name:British SHAW Moister Meter
2.Model Number:SADP-G
3.Purple dot sensor:(G)
4.Range:-80℃—0℃  DP, 0—600ppm
5.Purple Spot:-100/0 degrees c. dew point. 0/6000 p.p.m.
6.Silver Spot:-120/-20 degrees. c. dew point.
7.Red Spot DP:-80/-20 degrees c. dew point. For SADPR
8.Red Spot Auto:-80/-20 degrees c. dew point.
9.Grey Spot:-80/0 degrees c. dew point .

Shaw Moisture Meters the United Kingdom  Features:
1.Analogue or Digital Display
2.Intrinsically Safe for use in Hazardous Areas
3.Automatic dry down and Calibrated
4.Desiccant Dry-Down Chamber for rapid measurements
5.Over 150 hours continuous operation
6.Self contained and fully portable
7.Simple to operate
8.Comes complete with High Quality Carry Case. 
9.5 second user accuracy check in room air-unique to Shaw
Shaw Moisture Meters the United Kingdom  Description:
Our quality stove enamelled zinc plated steel. 202mm wide,225mm deep,276mm high. With head extended 320 mm. high, Weight app. 5 Kgs. High quality padded carry case, Small screwdriver and Allen key. Two metre length of PTFE (Teflon) flexible sample pipe. Free Slide rule circular indicator for Fahrenheit. Water vapour pressure. ppm water, Pounds water per million cubic feet. Milligrammes water per litre. Accurately calibrated and ready for use. One calibration for different gases. Certificated intrinsically safe. Quality to ISO9001:2000.
Shaw Moisture Meters the United Kingdom  Applications:
Used to measure the hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas, chlorine and other gases and compressed air humidity and dew point.Mainly used in power generation, petrochemical industry and electronic industry, etc.
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