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Introduction to Tube Detection

Published on: 2016-04-13      Views: 499

Gas detection tubes are a very reliable and proven method for measuring toxic substances in air or water. Some of the major advantages of the tube detection method are no laboratory turnaround time, no power requirement, and no user calibration are needed. The ease and simplicity of use saves training time (training video available), sampling time, and provides a more accurate analysis. Our premiere line of tube detection products are manufactured by Sensidyne, Inc. We keep an ample inventory of the most commonly requested tubes, and even the tubes we don’t keep in stock are only a day away. Gas detection tubes measure in parts-per-billion, parts-per-million, percent (%) by volume, and are used in a variety of applications such as:
Hazardous waste sites
Clean-up of spills
Protecting workers from toxic vapors
Leak detection for compliance
Pulp and paper plants
Hazardous materials response
Terrorist chemical attacks