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Application of Detector tube system in shipping

Published on: 2023-12-18      Views: 322

In order to prevent an oxygen depletion or toxicity accident, or an explosion of a flammable gas, on an oil tanker or a chemical tanker, for example, it is necessary to correctly measure the concentration of oxygen and also to measure the concentration of toxic gas or flammable gas. Gastec produces detector tube type gas measuring instruments, and also extension sampling tubes of 30 m which is the optimum length for downward-facing remote measurement in tanks, for example. In addition we have a wide range of compact and lightweight measuring instruments which have excellent operability.

Oxygen detector GOA-7H/GOA-7H-S
GASTEC's Oxygen detector can quickly and accurately measure oxygen concentrations at a variety of different work sites subject to host of complicated and varying factors.
*The GOA-7H-S comes with a 5 m sensor cord.

Gas sampling pump kitGV-100S
Handy, compact type
The Gas sampling pump GV-100, pump accessories (3 rubber inlets and lubricant), as well as the instruction sheet are provided in a convenient shoulder bag.
Gas detector tube system/ Gas sampling pump model No. GV-100 HSE test report