How to use Moisture Meter?

How to use Moisture Meter?

A moisture detector is an instrument that is used to detect the levels of moisture in a specific area. This instrument is used in new construction or renovations. The instrument works by determining the moisture content of wood, or the level of moisture in other materials. It is important to know that this instrument does not measure mold growth.
Using the Moisture Detector on Wood:
Turn the instrument on and push the pin probe of the moisture detector into the wall where you want to check the level of moisture. Once you have inserted the probe, the marker will either go up or down to indicate the moisture level. Generally, a moisture level of over 20% means the wood is wet enough for decay to build.
Using the Instrument on Other Materials:
To use the moisture detector on other materials, you need to push the pin probe onto the surface of the material you want to check. Readings for general material may not be as accurate as wood readings. Plug the probe onto the moisture meter. The probe will also have electric pins at the end of the probe. This probe is used to check the moisture level of certain areas that may not be reached using the moisture meter, like the ceiling or underground.
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