MSA ALTAIR Pro Single-Gas Detector/gas tester H2S

MSA ALTAIR Pro Single-Gas Detector/gas tester H2S




1.Technical Parameter of MSA ALTAIR Pro Single-Gas Detector

Model :Single- Gas Detector

Gases and measuring ranges

Gas                                            Range                  Resolution

Oxygen                                   0-25% by vol           0.1 Vol.%

Carbon Monoxide                 0-1500 ppm             1ppm

Hydrogen Sulfide                  0-200 ppm               1 ppm

Hydrogen Cyanide                0-30 ppm                0.5 ppm

Chlorine                                  0-20 ppm                0.1 ppm

Chlorine Dioxide                  0-1.00 ppm              0.02 ppm

Sulfur Dioxide                        0-20 ppm                 0.1 ppm

Nitrogen Dioxide                   0-20 ppm                  0.1 ppm

Ammonia                               0-100 ppm                  1 ppm

Phosphine                             0-5.00 ppm                0.05 ppm

Remote Oxygen (O2-R)       0-25% by vol              0.1 Vol.%

Alarms Average > 95 dB @ 1 ft, bright LEDs, 

vibrating alarm standard 

Warranty See instruction manual for full 

warranty information

Instrument life Indefinite with sensor and battery 

replacements as needed

Battery CR2 lithium camera battery

(9000 hour installed life – typical)

Case Polycarbonate with rubberized shell

Display Large LCD with backligh

Ingress Protection IP67 (except O2-R is IP54)

Data Logging 50 latest events in session log

Peak value every 3 min in periodic log

Humidity 10-95% RH non-condensing


2.Features of MSA ALTAIR Pro Single-Gas Detector

Tough rubberized housing

Accurately measures the gasconcentration or percent oxygen

Excellent impact resistance

Great RFI performance

Replaceable battery and sensor


3.Product Description of MSA ALTAIR Pro Single-Gas Detector

The unique design of the ALTAIR Pro Single-Gas Detector, combined with its highly competitive price, makes it the clear choice when selecting a single-gas instrument. It is accurate, reliable, durable,easy to use, easy to maintain, and packed with features. The ALTAIR Pro Single-Gas Detector is designed and manufactured by MSA, the most trusted name in the safety products industry.


4.Our Competitive Advantage

1.Certificates UL Class,CSA, IECEx, CE

2.More than 10 years export experience

3.5% lower prices than other competitors

4.Fast delivery  Parts of products are available in stock and can send within 3 working days

5.After-sales Service

All the products have 1 year warranty, and It will be free from maintenance within warranty period, products over warranty period for paid services.

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