GQ-08 Stomacher Blender /operating easily

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BX176 Portable Single Gas Detector/gas leak detector CO with CE

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DM200W Wood Moisture Meter Steps of usage

(1). Hold the instrument in hand and avoid contact with the targeting object at first. Press the button ON, The LCD screen displays a figure within 00.00.5. Otherwise, zeroing knob (ZERO) should be adjusted slowly until the figure is less than 0 00.5

DM200W Wood Moisture Meter Work Principle and Operation Instruction

DM200W Wood Moisture Meter Work principle This instrument adopted the high frequency principle based on the introduction of the most advanced technology from foreign country. In other words, there is a fixed frequency inside the equipment. Once the m

这是How does a moisture meter operate?

Most probe-type meters operate on the principle of electrical resistance,utilizing the relationship between the moisture content of the material and its conductivity.This relation is possible because moisture is an effective conductor of electricity a

Why should I use a moisture tester?

At Guang Qun, we pride ourselves in fully understanding the products we offer as well as educating our website visitors and customers about how our products work, its applications, tips on usage and maintenance, and much more. We highly recommend taki

About Selecting the Proper Dräger (or other brand) Gas Detection Tube

Gas Detection Tube and Gas Pump Must be Compatible: Interchanbgeability of gas detection tubes pumps Colorimeteric gas detection tubes produced by different manufacturers are not necessarily interchangeable among gas detection pumps. Be sure that the

How Police Officers Influence Breathalyzer Results

Knowingly or unknowingly, police officers often influence the results of breathalyzer tests, resulting in inaccurately high readings. To understand how, we have to review some facts about how breathalyzers work. One of the most important factors in d

Combustible Gas alarm

Combustible gasalarm usually provide readouts in % of LEL (Lower Explosive Limit), in the 0 to 100% range. The lowest concentration, in air, of ignitable vapours corresponds to 100% of the LEL. Therefore, a combustible gas which has a LEL of 100% at

How to Work Gas Detectors

How Gas Detectors Work Gas detectors measure and indicate the concentration of certain gases in an air via different technologies. Typically employed to prevent toxic exposure and fire, gas detectors are often battery operated devices used for safety