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GQ-08 Lab blender stomacher Technical Parameter:
Model No.                        GQ-08                        GQ-09                        GQ-10
Volume                             3~400                       3~400                          3~400 
Temp.Range                       -                                    -                                   - 
Speed Level                    1~10                           1~10                             1~10
External Size               280*440*260           280*440*260            280*440*260 
Sterilizing                          No                                 Yes                            Yes
Lamp Accessories          Bag                              Bag                 Bag,Clip,Rack&Tray
GQ-08 Lab blender stomacher Features:
1.Leading international pedal imprint function makes crushing more detailed
2.door:four enhanced transparent window,confirm the degree of crushing run
3.Door window sensor function:start /stop function ,not closed red light
4.LED lamp:easy to observe the internal homogeneous situation
5.The pedal distance adjustment function:thick/thin samples can be all crushed
6.Prompt functions:complete crushed,automatic beeps
7.Homogeneous beginning,the green light flashes
8.The homogeneous end,the red light
GQ-08 Lab blender stomacher Description:
 Lab paddle blender makes the procedure of bacteria extracting from solid sample becomes very simple. You only need to put sample and diluent into sterile homogenous bag, and then put the bag into slapping homogenizer.  The special embossing pads quickly bit sample more uniformly and effectively.
GQ-08 Lab blender stomacher Applications:
Food,drug,animal tissue,organism,cosmetics,clinical,molecules,toxin and bacteria detection.Especially fit for preparation of microbial Inspection samples.
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