What is a moisture meter?

A moisture meter is a diagnostic tool used to identify and measure the presence of water within other materials, such as wood, plaster and brick. They were developed primarily to identify the presence of water in wood structures but are frequently adept at diagnosing the presence of moisture in other building materials as well (depending upon the specific model).
They are useful in a range of situations but are most commonly used for the following:
assessing the level of moisture in a material
establishing if a structure is letting in water
tracing the source of a leak/damp
The versatility of a moisture meter becomes apparent when you consider a selection of the scenarios is it useful in. For construction professionals a damp meter can be used to determine a wall's suitability to be painted, wallpapered or replastered. For caravan and motorhome owners, it is useful for assessing levels of damp in vehicles that have been stored for long period of time. For damp remediation specialists (including damp proofing contractors and surveyors) a damp meter can be used to help determine whether a damp proof course has failed and needs replacing.
There are a range of methods employed to identify the presence, the levels and the location of moisture but electronic damp meters, like those we stock, are especially useful because they offer great value for money and are predominantly non-invasive and non-destructive. This is extremely advantageous in situations where a diagnosis needs to be made without damaging the surroundings, for example a house that’s currently occupied, a property with listed features (such as ancient wooden panelling or wall paintings) or a caravan or boat that is being prepared for sale.

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