DM200W Wood Moisture Meter Steps of usage

(1). Hold the instrument in hand and avoid contact with the targeting object at first. Press the button “ON”, The LCD screen displays a figure within 00.0±0.5. Otherwise, zeroing knob (ZERO) should be adjusted slowly until the figure is less than 0 ± 00.5. 
(2). Hold the device and press the probes on the surface of the measuring object. Once the displayed figure maintain stable, then the figure is the moisture value of the object. 
(3). When measuring the moisture of wood, timber and bamboo, the testing results needs to be verified. For example, when measuring some object, the moisture of the sample object is 15%, then adjust the gear until the measuring result is also the same as the sample. If Gear 7 was used for the final result of 15%, then always use gear 7 in the measurement of the same object in the future.   
(4). replacement of the battery: When the knob (zero) can not be regulated within 0 ± 00.5 or the figure increased irregularly, or the LOBAT is displayed on the upper left of the screen, then replace the battery with a new one of 9V(6F22). If the battery still works, disclose the cover of the instrument, use a screw driver to adjust the small brass screw on the bottom of the instrument.

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