Gastec Gas detector tube systems/gas tec 


Features of Gastec Gas detector tube systems
(1)On-site measurements can be performed easily by anybody, anytime and anywhere, in a short time
(2)Easy-to-check direct reading possible due to calibrated scale directly printed on the tube
(3)An extensive measuring range can be obtained by adjusting the sampling volume
(4)In order to assure high precision, each production lot is tested and calibrated independently, Each detector tube has its own quality control number printed on the tube
(5)Long shelf-life with excellent long-term stability  

Product description of Gastec Gas detector tube systems
As a leading global brand in gas detection and measuring, GASTEC products are highly regarded in many industries and customers all over the world.
GASTEC gas detector tubes are thin glass tubes with calibration scales printed on them so you can directly read concentrations of the substances (gases and vapours) to be measured. Each tube contains a particulate matrix (e.g. silica gel, alumina) which binds carefully selected and highly stable detection reagents that are especially sensitive to the target substance in order to produce a distinct layer of colour change. The tubes are hermetically sealed at both ends.
Today over 600 types of target gas can be measured.
The handy design GASTEC GV-100 cylinder pump, with an inner capacity of 100mL, weighs only 240g. It is designed for use with almost all GASTEC short-term quick-measuring detector tubes.
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