MD - Molecule distillation units/Fractional distillation equipment with /Asphalt,Product of chemical reaction


Molecule Distillation Units Parameter:

1.Brand No.:MD Series
2.Handling Capacity:50-2000ml/h
3.The Lowest Distillate Pressure:10-2 bar
4.The highest TEMP of the evaporator face:300℃
5.Paint Film Type:Strike-off Board/Expansion Cylinder
6.Condenser TEMP: -5~200℃
7.Temperature Measurement Accuracy:±0.1℃
8.Rotating Speed: 100~600r/min

Molecule Distillation Units Features:

1.Self-developed product 
2.Reach The National technical standards
3.Prominent performance 
4.Full-automatic operation 
5.Good-looking appearance

Molecule Distillation Units Description:

The instrument is used in petrochemical and pharmaceutical field .It’s new designed features with high automatic all evel and high operating accuracy.It’s the best choice within the similar products.

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Our Competitive Advantage:
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